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Custom kitchens in MallorcaWe set up the kitchen that best fits you

In Estils i Formes we give personality to your home, starting with the kitchen and continuing with the dining room, closets and much more. We give an identity to your kitchen and adapt it to your tastes and needs so that you feel that it is a unique, personal and unrepeatable thing that only you have in your home.

We design
kitchens to
live them

Custom projects

Not all kitchens are the same, nor do they have the same space, nor do they transmit the same. A kitchen has to be part of the one who uses it and the starting point of the rest of the home. Following these principles, in Estils i Formes we work so that you have the kitchen you want, with the best design and the one that fits you.


The kitchen has to be modern and according to each person or family, but it is also very important that it can be functional and useful as well. It has to be a kitchen that helps you and a place where you can feel comfortable. It has to be the essential part where your day to day begins and ends, so it is important that you have the perfect kitchen.


Now that we have decided that your kitchen has to be especially for you and that it has to be functional, it is time to take the next step. You have to find a way that, having in mind the previous sections, your kitchen can be innovative, a unique thing and always modern.

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