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Design of kitchens and interiors in Mallorca

Authenticity and modernity in your home

The design of our kitchen and our home is a very particular thing and that cannot be taken lightly. In Estils i Formes we are specialists with many years of experience in the interior design sector, especially kitchens. We have the philosophy that the kitchen is the starting point of the rest of your house.

Therefore, if you are thinking of making a reform or making a new one, we have all the solutions you are looking for.

Our philosophy, an identity for each space


One of our hallmarks is that we are at the forefront of interior design. Always offering and adapting our services to the needs of each client and trying to find the design that most highlights the qualities of each person and family.

Renew or die, a phrase we have marked on fire. Our goal is always to find the best way to innovate and offer our customers, not only a service adapted to them, but original and surprising kitchen and interiors, always useful and thinking about your comfort.

Having furniture with an extraordinary design and totally innovative, it’s of no use if they are not accompanied by an adapted and personalized functionality for each client. Therefore, in Estils i Formes, we always look for ways to offer services that do not lose the essence of the furniture: comfortable and useful for your home.


Do you know the new Fenix material? It is a nano technological material created by Arpa Industriale that has revolutionized the world of interior design and is perfect for your kitchen doors and countertops, since it is a material that does not leave traces, it is soft to the touch, opaque and extremely resistant. It can withstand bumps, scratches, but it is also resistant to the attack of solvents and reagents that are commonly used to clean the house.

The surface of the material is dotted with a dense network of crosslinked polymers, with its own memory that is reactivated thanks to the heat, to which it is resistant. In addition, it is also hydro repellent, hygienic and mold resistant, perfect for contact with food and very easy to clean.



If you are looking for a hood or an induction hob for your kitchen, do not miss those of BORA that are 2 in 1. Design and maximum quality so you can cook as you like and in the most effective way, with an intuitive command , extremely quiet, even at high power levels.

In addition, it has an extra large surface for 4 pots of 24 cm and is very easy to clean, since the pieces exposed to the vapors are easily disassembled. All with a minimalist design that has a reduced height, less than 200 mm to ensure space for walls.


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